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LOL New account.

2008-04-23 20:25:23 by Leospark

Being away from NG has made me forget about how harsh it is to work with flash animation. dA is pretty much impressed with anything, and that pisses me off. "ZOMFG UR KITTEH IS SO EFFIN CUTE!" STFU dA.

On another note... Newgrounds has had a HUGE upgrade since I last looked! I dunno how long ago this was, probably since this summer or something. I knew that NG was going through changes, but DAMN, this is overhaul. The Portal is fucking awesome, I'm glad I got a [newer] computer to make room for it, b/c my old one lags on this site now. The Audio Portal... you guys working on the site have made some really good use of the sound APIs in Flash 9.


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